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Comptroller General, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, MFR
Comptroller Nnadi

Two containers of illicit drugs worth more than N4.1 billion have been intercepted by the Tin Can command of the Customs service, the Comptroller General, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, MFR, announced in Lagos today.

He said one of the containers has regulated unregistered pharmaceutical products while another forty footer container has illicit psychotropic substances. Details of the seized containers are as follows;

a. 3 plastic drums concealing several packets of Cannabis Indica, 46bags containing 2,144 packets of Cannabis Indica all weighing 1,072 kilogrammes (kg) seized from 01x40ft Container No. GAOU 669921/5imported from Canada. The approximate street value of the illicit substances is N3, 216,000,000.00 (Three Billion Two Hundred Sixteen Million Naira Only)

b. 877 cartons of Barcadin cough syrup with codeine- 200 bottles of 100ml per carton and 82 cartons of Really Extra Diclofenac Sodium 50mg tablets – 600 packs per carton imported from India was seized. The approximate street value of the cough syrup is N964, 339,348.00 (Nine Hundred and Sixty Four Million, Three Hundred and Thirty Nine Thousand, Three Hundred and Forty Eight Naira Only).

The misuse and abuse of drugs, particularly Cannabis Indica and codeine, pose severe dangers to our society. Codeine, a restricted drug in Nigeria, has been widely abused, leading to devastating effects on our youth.

This substance not only impairs the health and well-being of individuals but also contributes to the rise in criminal activities. Cannabis Indica, similarly, has become a significant concern, with its abuse leading to mental health issues, addiction, and social problems. Unchecked activities involving restricted items serve multiple purposes for criminal elements.

These drugs, for instance, are used as stimulants by criminals, further fuelling societal unrest and instability. Additionally, the proceeds from the illicit drug trade are often used to finance disruptions by non-state actors, posing a significant threat to our national security and economic stability.

The Nigerian government under the President Bola Ahmed led Administration is determined to stabilize the economy and create an environment where all citizens can thrive and prosper. As part of these efforts, the NCS plays a crucial role not only in revenue collection from legitimate trade but also in theprotection of our society. Our mandate includes ensuring that harmful and illegal substances do not find their way into our communities.

It is within this context that the ongoing collaborative efforts between the NCS and the Nigeria Drug and Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have consistently yielded positive results. Recall that in the past, I have reiterated that the collaborative synergy between NCS and its partner agencies exemplifies the effectiveness of pooling resources and intelligence, reinforcing the commitment of our agencies to safeguarding the nation’s borders and protecting its citizens from the threats posed by smuggling.

This operation highlights a troubling trend and the evolving tactics of criminality and insecurity in our country. However, it also is evident of the NCS resolve to remain vigilant and showcase our ability to intercept and disrupt the activities of those who seek to harm our nation.

The NCS will continue to work closely with relevant national and international agencies to conduct operations that lead to the interception of illegal goods and the disruption of criminal networks. We urge all patriotic Nigerians to continue their legitimate business activities, assured that the NCS is actively working with stakeholders to ease the challenges faced by businesses and the general public.

I will conclude, as I appreciate your presence once again at this critical press conference, where recent seizures of unregistered drugs were highlighted, revealing the persistent challenges posed by sophisticated smuggling networks.

Investigations are currently ongoing, and perpetuators will be made to serve the full wrath of the law. Let this seizure serve as a warning to those who engage in illicit activities that the NCS remains vigilant and dedicated to protecting our society. NCS is more than ever committed to ensuring that the benefits of a stable and prosperous economy are enjoyed by all Nigerians.

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