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This Page Newspaper is published since more than two decades by the De Press Communications Ltd. It is a monthly Newspaper which x-rays the happenings in the Maritime Industry and the Political developments in Nigeria.

The maiden Edition came out in 1999 as Maritime International Newspaper, metamorphosing into The Press and now This Page.

It is published in the most cosmopolitan city in Africa – Lagos.

As a Newspaper which majors in developments in the maritime domain in the world, it has played a critical role in shaping opinions in the industry as well as making the import and export business seamless.

By and large, to its credit, the Newspaper has become an authority in Nigeria’s Maritime Industry

The journal distils views and interactions that make Nigeria a major player in the International Maritime Organization.

Anchored by tested journalists and maritime/oil experts, the Journal welcomes critical contributions from industry operators around the globe in order to push the maritime frontiers beyond our shores.


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