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Compt Olomu

…..As Jaiyeoba Bows out,

Comptroller Olomu during his acceptance speech said, ‘I see my task as CAC Apapa Command as a serious assignment from the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adenlyl, MFR dsm psc (+) of which our only option is to deliver diligently not only in revenue collection, fight against smuggling, but in trade facilitation and sustainable stakeholder engagement’.

According to him, assumption of this office is with a mind of confidence that we won’t betray the trust reposed in us by the FGN, CGC and the entire management of the Nigeria Customs Service. This confidence is premised on the reality that I am taking over a very organized command, where I intend to build on the successes of my predecessor.

He  stated unequivocally that we shall implement all the provisions of the Nigeria Customs Service Act 2023, the Common External Tariff, import and export prohibition guidelines, and other books of instruction as directed by the

He said, while promoting a robust customs community relation system where there will be regular interface with all government and private sector stakeholders, I shall upscale our enforcement with intelligence to ensure that only legitimate trade is allowed in Apapa Port and all the terminals within the command. Our tolerance level for smuggling of prohibited items, concealment, and declaration for duty evasion shall be zero and shll remain so.

Stressing that our country holds a strategic position for trade in West and Central Africa and Apapa Port is critical in Nigeria’s participation in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). We are reving Nigeria’s readiness for improved trade with fellow African countries and the world at large.

He said, as you may be aware, the management of the service is committed to evolving a more modern customs with Apapa Port being a nucleus to the implementation of the many trade facltation reforms champloned by the Comptroller-General of Customs.

He urged his officers to brace up for the changes that will feature as fallouts of customs modernizatlon, otherwise called e-customs, AEO, and many other groundbreaking World Customs Organization innovations like the recentiy introduced advanced ruling policy.

Stressing that this will enble them to enjoy more gains of trading across borders in the global supply chain in line with the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC), the WCO Supply Chain Management Guldelines, and the various national best practices.

He noted as a working principle, I hereby advise all our officers to treat all official matters with the speed they deserve leaving no file unattended to as such delays could mean slowing down government revenue inflow.

I shall emplace a trade dispute reslution seat that will operate every day including weekends to ensure that we make this command a true front liner in global best practices in terms of Customs operation for other custom formations to emulate. Being the Customs command handling the largest volume of trade in Niger.

According to him, Apapa Command under my leadership won’t be complacent and will be open to continuous engagement with everyone. My doors are open for advice on how best to achieve our mandate because we are all here to add value and do better for Nigeria.

During the handing over,  Comptroller Jaiyeoba in his speech said, ‘It gives me great joy to recall the very suspense filled and exciting moments of goals achieved day by day, week by week and month by month culminating into tangible results for the benefit of our great country and her economy’.

He said,  when I assumed office in September 2023, the assurances of support I received from officers and men on ground strengthened me and I can boldly say all we achieved during my period are products of teamwork.

According to him, ‘I won’t also take the cooperation of our sister agencies and stakeholders for granted’. We jointly woked to achieve our individual organizational goals and collective interest of making Apapa port import and export friendly without undermining national security. As I will be handing over to my brother, friend and colleague, Comptroller Babatunde Olomu, it gives me joy to reminisce on some milestones we attained here under my watch.

As a team working together from different directions towards a common goal, we relentiessly pursued maximum collection of duty by preventing leakages, fought against smuggling and ensured that complaint traders enjoyed hitch free clearance under customs control.

He stressed, our various committee meetings, extra hours at work including getting officers to perform critical roles at weekends truly pid off because aside the target given to us by the headquarters, we raised the bar by increasing our drive for excelence at work with the aim of surpassing our target.

He recalled the selflessness and dedication put into work by all my officers including those in our strategic revenue committee and would like to specially thank al the members today.

He said this speech and time allotted for it won’t permit me to mention their names one by one. I dedicate our success to the CGC and all officers and men of this command. Indeed, you are dispensing flagship performance at the flagship command

According to him, between January and April 2024, the Apapa Command of NCS collected a total of N672,172,624,033.03 as revenue for the federal government. We have set the ball rolling for the actualization of our target and the officers I am leaving behind are focused on this. My optimism is not misplaced because we have all proven to be tested and trusted. It is noteworthy, to explain that in the month of April 2024 alone, the command generated N182 bilion which is a record-breaking monthly collection in the history of the service.

On February 23, 2024, we recorded revenue collection milestone by generating N16,021,660,412.00. This daily collection strengthened our cumulative figure. These are laudable developments coming at a time the port is not enjoying its full import trade potentials owing to so many factors. I am happy the command is in safe hands that assure of surpassing all that were achieved under my watch.

I want to implore all our officers, sister government agencies and stakeholders to join me in formally welcoming Comptroller Olomu. Let’s triple or possibly, quadruple the cooperation and support I got for him. His success is our common benefit. For over three decades, I have known him to be a team player and result oriented officer.
Thank you and God bless.

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