Attacks By Unpatriotic Elements -A Smokescreen, The CG Has Recorded Gigantic Feats–Compt Bomodi

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Attacks By Unpatriotic Elements-A Smokescreen, The CG Has Recorded Gigantic Feats–Compt Bomodi

Against the vitriolic attacks by some unpatriotic elements labelling the customs as corrupt and aiding in smuggling, the Area Controller of Seme/Badagry Border command, Timi Bomodi says such harmful comments are not surprising, judging from the huge seizure profile the smugglers have suffered and the successes recorded by the service to tame their activities.

He stated that it was obvious that the anti- smuggling war has impacted on smugglers as they are now fighting back through all sorts of social media platforms.

Bomodi, in response to whether the customs service is addressing the criticisms well enough stated that the Comptroller General, Adewale Adeniyi, MFR has achieved a lot within the past few months, while commending the Service’s public Relations unit for a job well done.

According to him, it will be preposterous if such reactions are absent, as it is expected that corruption will definitely fight back.
The Area controller who was briefing the Press on the activities of the command from January to date disclosed that briefing was in line with the Comptroller General’s directive that commands make periodic reports of their activities to members of the public.

He announced the interception of 400 bags of beans worth about N62 million which were to be taken out of the country by some unpatriotic elements noting that the product will be put up in the market for procurement by Nigerians as soon as the auctioning of goods resumes.


Between January and February 2024, the Command successfully made 168 interventions which resulted in the seizure of 2,193 bags of 50kg (3 trailer load equivalent) foreign parboiled rice, 81,930 liters (3 tankers equivalent), 9 vehicles, 1425 General merchandise, 265 parcels of cannabis sativa and other narcotics, 149 pkg of codeine and 2 locally manufactured guns. All with a combined Duty Paid Value (DPV) of Three Hundred and Sixty-Five million, Eight Hundred and Eighty-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety – Six Naira only ( *₦365,888,696.00* ).

A total of Thirteen (13) suspects were arrested in connection with these seizures, Six of them were granted administrative bail, three were handed over to NDLEA for further agency action, One was handed over to the Nigerian Police, while 3 suspects are still in our custody. At this point, it is important to highlight the importance of the Joint Security Meetings held regularly here at the Joint Border Post.

These meetings provide valuable intelligence and opportunities to cross-fertilize ideas about Border management. We note that collaboration holds the key to success in border management that’s why we’ve insisted on information sharing among sister agencies.

In light of our present economic realities, where massive food shortages have been reported across the country, and in line with the directive to ensure grains are not exported illegally, the Command made a seizure of a truckload of beans, totaling four hundred *(400)* bags with a DPV of Sixty One Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (₦ *61,450,00.00* ), stockpiled in a warehouse at one of the exit corridors in the border. This item has since been deposited in the Government warehouse for safekeeping and eventual sale to the public.

In the same vein, the continuous surveillance of the border by our officers and men has resulted in the interceptions of Four Hundred *(400x30liters)* of PMS equivalent of *12,000 liters* with a DPV of Eight Million, Three Hundred and Forty-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty Naira ( *₦8,347,680* ) in the early hours of Saturday, 2nd March 2024 along the creeks. The PMS seized will be auctioned in line with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of sales of seized perishable items as directed by the Service.

These seizures come on the heels of successes in anti-smuggling activities recorded in 2023, which saw *513* seizures of foreign parboiled rice, premium motor spirit, vehicles, General merchandise, drugs/narcotics, and vegetable oil.

Others were Six Million Dollars ( *$6,000,000.00* ) of fake currency, *15* fake international passports, *10* International Driver’s licenses, and *152* live birds and other endangered species. All with a Duty Paid Value of over *1.212 Billion Naira*.

The Lagos-Abidjan corridor of which the Lagos Badagry expressway is a major composite is a singular passageway accessible via multiple tributaries. Our creeks and the Atlantic traverse this single entry point. That is why collaboration with the Nigerian Navy is imperative and significant. The Nigerian Air Force and Army have provided critical support throughout this period.

As the lead agency in border security and facilitators of international trade, we are constantly aware of the need to balance both responsibilities through the use of risk management tools at our disposal.

We are also aware that those whose illicit businesses have been significantly hindered by our activities will spare no effort in devising new methods to counter us. Some of these efforts will include misinformation and disinformation.

We would like to assure the public that we will continue to remain alive to our responsibilities and will not be deterred by naysayers or anyone intent upon casting aspersions on our officers, some of whom have paid the ultimate price for the service to their country. Others have been severely maimed and will bear the scars of their bravery to their graves.

These are challenging times for the Nigeria Customs Service. As criminals get more desperate and daring, we at Seme/Krake Joint Border Post will ensure the sustainability of a more formidable defense.


The Command was given a target of *7.875* Billion Naira to collect in the current year. This represents an increase of over *400%* in collections compared to the target of 2023. This also translates to a monthly collectible revenue of *656.258* Million Naira. In January 2024, the Command collected *₦643,038,611.16*, while in February, we collected *₦517,950,286.14*, making a total of *₦1,160,988,897.30*. This is about *88%* of the Total expected revenue. The shortfall in expected collections can be attributed to the total aggregate decline in imports occasioned by the high exchange rate.


The Command has processed *184* Export declarations for 43 items with a total weight of *65,185.96* MT and an FOB of *13.057* Billion Naira. The total amount collected for NESS was 65.337 Million Naira, and *24.407* Million Naira as Export Surcharge for previously imported goods.

It is important first to highlight the numerous challenges encountered by officers in the course of enforcing government policies, the primary among which is the difficult terrain. However, since the provision of special purpose vehicles, and other critical assets by NCS Management, and the rejigging of inter-agency affairs, things have taken a positive turn here at the Seme/Krake joint border post.

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