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CG Adewale Adeniyi, MFR

More than N12.4 billion have been raked in by the Oyo/Osun Customs command between January and February this year.
The Area Controller of the command, Dr Ben Oramalugo disclosed to newsmen today. ‘I will like to reflect on the revenue and anti-smuggling activities of our command.

It is with great pleasure, that I once again welcome you all here today, as we gather for the second press conference of the Oyo/Osun Area Command in the year 2024 at the Operational Headquarters of the Oyo/Osun Area Command of the Nigeria Customs Service.

I would like to state that your presence here today is highly appreciated. Today, I would like to reflect on the revenue and anti-smuggling activities of our Command for the month of February, particularly in light of the ongoing food security and economic challenges facing our nation.

In line with policy thrust of the Comptroller General of Customs which are consolidation, collaboration and innovation coupled with core mandate of the Service, the Command has put in place mechanisms that will improve the efficiency of its operations taking into consideration the ongoing economic challenges facing our nation.

He said the Command would like to use this medium to express our gratitude to the Comptroller General of Customs (CGC) BA Adeniyi MFR dsm fnipr psc (+) and his Management Team, for their continuous support to the Command, in a bid to ensure the realization of enhanced performance and achievement of the core mandate of the Service within Oyo and Osun States.


The score card of the Command so far for the year 2024 is as follows:


I am pleased to report that the Oyo/Osun Area Command has demonstrated resilience and efficiency in revenue generation and collection during the early months of 2024.

According to him, despite the prevailing economic challenges, Command Officers have worked diligently to ensure the collection of customs duties and taxes in accordance with the mandate of the Nigeria Customs Service.

The revenue generated thus far reflects the Commands commitment to contributing towards the economic stability of our nation.

During the period covering 1st to 27th February 2024, the Oyo/Osun Area Command collected the sum of ₦5,664,295,751.15 (Five Billion, Six Hundred and Sixty-Four Million, Two Hundred and Ninety-Five Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty-One Naira, Fifteen Kobo).


When added to the sum of ₦6,824,954,338.96 (Six Billion, and Eighty Hundred and Twenty- Four Million, Nine Hundred and Fifty-Four Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirty-Eight Naira, Ninety-Six Kobo) already collected for the period of January 2024, the cumulative sum of ₦12,489,250,090.11 (Twelve Billion, Four Hundred and Eighty-Nine Million, Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand, and Ninety Naira, Eleven Kobo) was collected so far for the fiscal year of 2024.


The Oyo/Osun Area Command being an enforcement oriented Command, prioritizes the fight against smuggling in all its operations.

The Controller said, in the face of emerging economic challenges and increased attempts to compromise the integrity of our borders, the Commands anti-smuggling activities have been strategically positioned to ensure the Federal Government policy on border closure is totally enforced hereby preventing:

A.The importation of prohibited items harmful to the great citizens of our country Nigeria and B. The exportation of essential food resources for individual economic gains by some economic saboteurs.

The Nigeria Customs Service through the Area Command aims to alleviate the hardship presently been experienced as a result of the actions of some economic saboteurs in the country.

We have successfully intercepted and seized contraband goods, including items that pose threats to economic stability and lives of citizens in the country.

For the period of 19th January to 29th February 2024 the Command has intercepted and seized the following contraband goods:

The highlights of the seizures so far for this period in 2024 are: A. 1,309 (One Thousand, Three Hundred and Nine) pieces of used tyres with a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of ₦70,140,000.00 (Seventy Million, One Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira). B. 53 (Fifty-Three) sacks of fake Pharmaceutical drugs with a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of ₦1,739,000,000.00 (One Billion, Seven Hundred and Thirty-Nine Million Naira).

In light of the ongoing economic difficulties, we are committed to facilitating trade in essential commodities and supporting the Federal Government’s efforts to enhance food security.

He stressed, once again we would like to reiterate that all Borders within the Commands Area of Responsibility are still closed due to the Federal Government policy on Border closure and as such Command Officers remain vigilant and dedicated to preventing the smuggling of items that could compromise the health and well-being of our citizens.

As we navigate the uncertainties of the current economic climate, the Oyo/Osun Area Command is dedicated to adopting innovative strategies and leveraging technology to enhance our operational efficiency.

We would also like to appreciate the efforts of all Traditional Rulers, Local Government Chairmen and Key Stakeholders in both Oyo and Osun States, who have continued to enlighten their people about the negative effect of smuggling to our economy.

According to him, It is also important to appreciate the collaborative effort of the Officers and Men of the Oyo/Osun Area Command and Sister Security Agencies such as the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Air force, Nigeria Police Force, Department of State Services, NDLEA, Oyo State Operation Burst and Amotekun Corps.

He said, however I would like to implore all Sister Security Agencies to continue the great work while assuring citizens of our great country Nigeria that the Nigeria Customs Service through the Area Command will continue to collaborate closely with other government agencies, stakeholders, and the general public to address the challenges at hand.

He stressed that they would like to express our profound gratitude to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo State Engr. Seyi Makinde FNSE for his magnanimity and support to the Command.

We believe that with the collaborative effort of all stakeholders, together we will continue to uphold the mandate of the Nigeria Customs Service and contribute to the economic growth and security of our great nation

Finally, the commitment of the Nigeria Customs Services through the Area Command to ensure transparency, accountability, and the overall well-being of our nation remains unwavering.

We are confident that, through collective efforts, we can overcome the challenges we face and contribute to a more secure and prosperous future for Nigeria.

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