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Customs CG, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, MFR

The Nigeria Customs Service, Area lI Command, Onne Port, Rivers State joins
Customs formations all over the World to celebrate International Customs Day.

Speaking in the event, the Customs Area Controller said, the theme “Customs
Engaging Traditional and New Partners with Purpose” highlights the importance of
collaboration and cooperation between Customs administrations, International
organizations, private sector entities and other stakeholders. By joining forces with
both traditional and new partners, customs agencies can enhance their effectiveness
in promoting trade facilitation, combating illicit trade, and supporting sustainable

Regarding the Area 2 Command, he further said, Traditional partners, such as NPA, Securityborder and law enforcement Agencies, regulatory authorities,

Shipping lines, Customs Agents, Terminal Operators, Road transport workers even
the press, continue to be vital in ensuring customs operations un smoothly.

Collaboration with these partners allows customs to share information,
intelligence, and best practices, leading to coordinated efforts in addressing
legitimate trade and other transnational threats such as smuggling.

The Command will enhance its risk management capabilities, streamline processes and improve overall operational efficiency by leveraging the expertise of these traditional partners. However, in today’s interconnected world, the Command needs to engage with new partners to stay ahead of the curve and respond effectively to evolving challenges as they arise.

When asked about the synergy of the Command with both the Traditional and New partners, the Customs Area Controller said in the area of revenue the Command
was given a target of 336 billion Naira for year 2023, as of December 31 2023 with
the aid of stakeholder engagement, synergy, collaboration and intelligence sharing, the Command was able to collect 313 billion Naira which accounts for 93% of the annual target. This amount is over the 2022 collection by 71 billion Naira and
represents 30% increase of the 2022 generated revenue.

As at today, Friday, 26 January 2024 the Command has collected

N31,496,276,576.00 which is above the 2023 January collection of
N20,130,775,598.08, with five days left to the end of this month.

In export a total of 1,929,121.22 Metric tonnes of goods with a free on board
(FOB) value of $10, 188,252,603.24 which is equivalent to N9,456,575,171,918.20
was processed through the Command in 2023, and a total of N2,038,069,290.51
was reconded for Nigeria Export Supervision Scheme (NESS). These are just few of the results achieved with purposeful engagement of our stakeholders and partners.

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