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Through collaboration with relevant security agencies, the customs has made seizures of illicit substances worth more than N4.279 billion.

Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Adewale Adeniyi, MFR disclosed to newsmen today that the seized substances include 56.39kg of coccinellids valued at N2,368,380,000, and 955kg of colorado Indica valued at N1,911,400,000.

Also, some weapons were intercepted.
They include 5 pistols and 445 rounds of live Ammunition as well as several empty pistol magazines

The individuals linked to these seizures have not been disclosed as investigations into the criminal network are ongoing. The NCS is committed to leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the perpetrators involved in these illicit activities face the full consequences of the law. Our relentless pursuit of justice underscores the determination to dismantle the networks enabling these criminal acts, reinforcing our dedication to upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the security and well-being of the Nigerian people.

NCS and NDLEA remain steadfast in our commitment to enhancing ongoing collaborations aimed at eradicating criminal elements from society. We will persist in extending intelligence, network, and capabilities both nationally and internationally. The collective objective is to thoroughly eliminate these criminal elements, ensuring the society is rid of their detrimental influence.

In recognition of the threats and the collaborative nature of criminal activities, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has steadfastly prioritized strategic partnerships with stakeholders over the past seven months. This deliberate focus aims to harness the specialized expertise of our partners in a manner that enhances our capability to fulfil our core mandates. Just as criminals find strength in collaboration, government agencies must equally appreciate the advantages of working collectively to fulfil their statutory responsibilities. It is within this context that the ongoing collaborative efforts between the NCS and the Nigeria Drug and Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have consistently yielded positive results. This collaborative synergy exemplifies the effectiveness of pooling resources and intelligence, reinforcing the commitment of both agencies to safeguarding the nation’s borders and protecting its citizens from the threats posed by illegal substances.

The interplay between illicit drugs and various criminal activities, including but not limited to kidnapping, banditry, and other nefarious pursuits, is undeniable. Drugs, often serving as a catalyst, create a conducive environment for criminal elements by inducing a state of altered consciousness. These substances provide the impetus for individuals to engage in heinous acts that undermine the peace and security of our society. Simultaneously, the possession of arms and ammunition empowers these criminal elements, enabling them to brazenly challenge the authority of the state and its security apparatus. The nexus between drug-related activities and the arming of criminal elements underscores the critical need for concerted efforts in combating both aspects to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities.

Therefore, disrupting the link between illicit drugs, criminal activities, and access to arms and ammunition stands as a critical strategy in reducing overall crime rates. Suppressing drug-induced altered states and restricting criminal access to weaponry can significantly impact their operational capabilities. The interception and seizure of illicit substances, along with stringent control measures over the circulation of arms, are integral components of an effective crime prevention strategy. This approach aligns with the broader goal of enhancing public safety and underscores the NCS’s commitment to dismantling the foundations that sustain criminal enterprises, fostering a more secure environment for our citizens.

NCS is pleased to provide an update on the outcomes of its collaboration, particularly with the NDLEA, resulting in the successful interception and seizure of various illicit substances. The seized items include:

Some pistols seized

i. 65 packets of Colarado Indica weighing 32.5kg seized from 1X40FT Container No. UACU 534833/6 imported from Canada.

ii. 17 packets weighing 16.690kg confirmed to be Cocaine, 151 packets Colarado Indica weighing 107 kg, One (1) piece Gen2 Air soft pistol with serial No. 471908, empty magazine, 49 rounds of 7.62 mm live ammunition, 197 rounds of 9mm live ammunition, precursor chemicals for the manufacture of crystal methamphetamine, 8bags weighing 25kg tartaric acid, 100kegs of unspecified substances seized from 1x40ft Container No. MSCU 458177/0 imported from Durban South Africa.

iii. 40packets weighing39.7kg confirmed to be Cocaine, 1026 packets weighing 688.2kg confirmed to be Colarado Indica, Two (2) pistols without serial numbers, one pistol with SerialNo. AZYSRA6YSO12101181, three (3) empty magazines, 275rounds of 5.5mm M16 Tavor live ammunition, Six rounds of 9mm blank ammunition seized from in 1x40ft container No. THRU 796807/1imported from Durban South Africa

iv. 226 packets weighing 128kg confirmed to be Cannabis Indica seized from 1x40ft Container No.MEDU 785276/3 imported from Durban South Africa.

I’II concluded, as I appreciate your presence once again at this critical press conference, where recent seizures of illicit drugs, arms, and ammunition were highlighted, revealing the persistent challenges posed by sophisticated smuggling networks. The collaborative efforts with the NDLEA have proven effective in pooling resources and intelligence to safeguard the nation’s borders. The NCS is committed to dismantling the foundations sustaining criminal enterprises, ensuring a more secure environment for citizens. Ongoing investigations underscore our dedication to holding those involved accountable. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to enhancing collaborations, both nationally and internationally, to eliminate criminal elements and foster a safer society. Thank you for your attention, and we anticipate continued collaboration in securing the safety and well-being of our nation.

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