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Compt Timi Bomody

No less than N5.946 billion was made by the Seme/ Badagry Customs command last year. This is against N1.966 billion target given to it.

The Area Controller of the command, Compt Timi Bomodi told newsmen today that it will also redouble its efforts in meeting with all the mandates given to it this year. The revenue realised surpassed the target by N3,980,174,156.63 which represents a 291 percent increase.

The Controller said  2023 revenue figures collected when compared to the corresponding period of the year 2022, it exceeded the One Billion, Four Hundred and Nine Million, Four Hundred and Ninety- Eight Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty Naira, Eight Kobo (N1,409,498,950.08) Only collected by Four Billion, Five Hundred and Thirty -Six Million, Six Hundred and Seventy – Five Thousand, Two Hundred and Six Naira, Fifty – Four Kobo (N4,536,675,206.54) Only, representing a 322% increase.

He said the 2023 revenue collection was the highest collection since 2019. This reinforce our commitment to ensure that the Lagos – Abidjan corridor is perceived more as a trade enabler with huge potentials for exponential growth.. We will continue to do our best at ensuring that the Command achieves its full potential of trade facilitation without hindrance.

Gentlemen of the press, under export, the Command facilitated a total of 222.442.88 Metric tons involving 6, 253 trucks of export produce, with Free On Board (FOB) value of Thirty- Two Billion, Four Hundred and Forty – Eighty Million, Five Hundred and Sixty – Four Thousand, Five Hundred and Third- three Naira (N32,448,564,533.1) Only. The Nigeria export Supervision Scheme (NESS) realized during the period under review was one hundred and Sixty – Two million, Eighty Hundred and Fifty – Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty – Four Naira , Fifty – Six Kobo (N162,852,254.56) only.

He disclosed that the 2.5% surcharge paid was Sixty Million, Four Hundred and Twenty – one Thousand, Four Hundred and Twenty – one Naira (N60, 421,421.00) Only, and 704 SGDs were utilized.

In the area of anti- smuggling operations, the Command made a total of 513 interceptions valued at One Billion, Three Hundred and Seventy – Four Million, Two Hundred and Forty – Five Thousand, Eighty Hundred and Thirty – Two Naira (N1, 374,245,832.00) Only from the following items:

i.Rice: 14,181 50kg Bags which is equivalent to 24 trailers.
ii.PMS: 1,220,130 liters which is equivalent to 37 tankers load.
iii.Smuggled Vehicles: 39.
iv.Drugs and Narcotics: 8,278.
v.General Merchandise: 9,639.
vi.Suspects: 37 suspects were arrested in connection with different seizures, during the period under review.

In addition to the above seizures the command equally made headlines in its enforcement of Convention On International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) where we recorded seizures of 152 live Parrots Birds and other animals protected under the convention, and 6,000,000 fake dollars bills among others.

Compt Timi said the successes recorded by the Command in the preceding year could be attributed to the incentives and motivation given to the officers and Men of the command by the Management of the Nigeria Customs Service. The Command will continue to sustain tempo in the fight against all illicit trade within the nooks and crannies of the command.

Given the encouragement and support this Command has received from the Comptroller General of Customs and the entire Management of the Service, we will not only maintain the tempo but work towards meeting the what-ever target that will be set for us in the current year.

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