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I want to thank you for welcoming me back to Tincan Island Port Command as I assume duty as the 20th Area Controller since the inception of the Command in 1977.

It is always a pleasure to be in your midst to continue the reforms of the maritime industry from both my personal perspective and that of the Nigeria Customs Service.

The dynamism of the industry requires that we join forces as stakeholders to provide solutions to our individual and collective needs. The next phase of this assignment starts this morning as we all commit to lead from the front.

For us as a Command, it is a daunting but sounmontable task. As you are all aware, Nigeria Customs Service has three key performance indicators, which are revenue collection, antismuggling, and service delivery, often referred to as facilitation of trade. These three serve as yardstick for measuring her performance.

These indicators will always remain relevant in our economic discourse until we attain full development as a nation. It is more so for Tincan Command, especially now.

The Command revenue target of over 801 Billion Naira currently stands at 52 per cent, with barely three months to the end of the year 2023 meaning we must collect 48 per cent of the remaining revenue.

Coming at a time, the floating exchange rate is affecting importers and exporters, this is a big but achievable task.

Similarly, our roles in securing the nation are vast, ranging from interventions against economic sabotuers who distort and take advantage of the nations trade policy. These also include those that import illicit goods that contribute to the insecurity in the country..

I want to commend the outgoing Controller and officers of the Command for the recent seizure of two containers of tramadol. We will sustain the fight against importation of illicit and unapproved drugs

Distinguished audience, just two days ago the Customs Adminsitrations of Nigeria and Benin signed an agreement to develop frameworks for clearing of Nigeria bound goods in Benin Ports and vice varsa. This is a call for us to improve our business process and increase our efficiency in service delivery in order to be competitive withbither ports in the subregion.

To this end, I will particularly request the cooperation of shipping companies, terminal operators and Other Goverernment Agencies in our efforts towards ensuring the actualisation of the rebranding of the Command.

In line with this, I will essentially request that we respect our various mandates. Those concerned with regulatory functions should stay away from interference in revenue related transactions except it is in their mandate to do so. Hopefully, this will improve service delivery in the Tincan Port.

The outgoing CAC made reference to “operating an open door policy”. I will open my doors for seemless trade, but I will also close the door against unwholsome activities that will compromise the Service mandates.

Let me at this juncture state that in my resolve to achieve the goals of the Command, we will not dwell on the usual blame of others for the various challenges bedevilling the maritme industry. No one person is responsible for the rot, but everyone should be ready to offer a solution.

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