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Compt Nnadi showcasing the seizure today
The fake dollar currency notes

Thirteen days after his assuming duties, the Seme/Badagry Customs command Controller,  Dera Nnadi says his command has intercepted fake $6 million USD–equivalent of N2.763 billion.
Two suspects conveying the fake currency from Nigeria to the Republic of Benin were also arrested.
Nnadi said they are currently in custody pending prosecution.
According to him, the arrest was made at Gbaji checkpoint along Seme corridor on January 31 2023.

Further recall that upon my resumption, I pledged to adopt new strategies to boost trade while enforcing the nation’s anti-smuggling laws along the Abidjan Lagos Corridor (ALCO) in line with the ECOWAS protocols on free movement of goods and persons.

Also recall that I promised to encourage compliant traders along the corridor while dealing decisively with obstinate criminals who will wish to test our resolve.

In line with keeping to that promise but bearing in mind the challenges of the  Command as one that is still recovering from the effects of the border closure, the Command has facilitated the movement of ETLS: 70 Trucks with fees amounting to N 1, 414, 665.01 collected,

Baggage declarations: There were 81 baggage declarations with duty amounting to N 4, 520, 722.  The items imported under this arrangement include food products and beverages produced within the sub-region.

Imports: The Command reordered only 5 declarations of import within this period with a total of N13,383,104 paid as duty. The dearth in import is as a result of the trade policy introduced by Republic of Benin which traders and indeed the Service consider hostile to Nigeria

Export:  122 trucks bearing 3,770.49 metric tons of made in Nigeria cargo  with Free On Board value of N523,660,496.80 kobo and National Export Supervision Scheme Fes of N2,618,302.10K.

It is important to note that the 2022 fiscal Policy Measures by the  Federal Ministry of Finance lifted the ban on export of goods imported into Nigeria hitherto prohibited under item 8 Schedule 6 of the Common External Tariff.

However, this is subject to the exporters obtaining approval from the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning and payment of  2.5 per cent export surcharge of the present value of the goods.

The traders are yet to take full advantage of this gesture and we call on them to optimise the opportunities offered by the policy.

Other source of revenue for the Command  are fees collected from the auction sales of seized items especially petroleum products and other perishable items.  Total of

The core mandate of the Service in Seme includes generation of revenue for the Federal Government, suppression of smuggling and facilitation of legitimate trade.

It is worthy of note that the major source of revenue of the Command (import/export) have not been enhanced since the opening of the land Borders as directed by the Federal Government of Nigeria as the traders are still bracing with the challenges of having been out of business for over two years.

Anti-smuggling and Enforcement Activities

In the last 13 days, the Command recorded milestones in its anti-smuggling operations. Some of the anti-smuggling landmarks by the Command include the seizure of fake $6m (Six Million) USD (equivalent of N2.763 Billion at exchange rate of N460.52 ) and the arrest of two suspects conveying the fake currency from Nigeria to the Republic of  Benin. Two male suspects were arrested in connection with the crime and are in currently in our custody pending prosecution. The arrest was made at Gbaji checkpoint along the Seme corridor on the 31 of January, 2023.

Also on the 31 of January, 2023 at a about 0530 hours, Officer on patrol along Gbetrome base intercepted Six (6) Maltese International Passports with the same picture of a lady but bearing different names, Two (2) Senegalese International Passports , Three (3 ) Togolese International Passports, Four (4) Republic of Benin International Passports, One (1) Republic of Niger International Passport and Ten (10) International Driving License of these various countries from two male suspects who are also in our custody pending further investigation.

Also arrested and seized 1300 by 30 liters jerry can of PMS equivalent 39,000 liters roughly over one fuel tanker of PMS with duty paid value of N9, 366,45 only. The products were seized from along the creeks.

Other items seized include 55 sacks containing 550 pieces of donkey skin with DPV OF N 11,371,511 . The significant of the sizure is that it shows how much our endanger speices are ebing eroded by unpatriotic elements.

These achievements (progress) so far, were not made on a platter of gold. It took the painstaking efforts of the officwers who spend hours on patrol and surveillance to record the seizures. We wish to reiterate that we will not relent on this effort..

The Command will continue to dialogue, engage, sensitize and educate the public on social/economic implication of smuggling as well as performing statutory function of enforcing compliance in line with government fiscal policies.

Permit me to once more use this opportunity to appeal to parents and guardians residing in border communities to prevail on their children, wards and youths to desist from such criminal acts such as smuggling .

During my courtesy visit to the traditional rulers in various communities Seme Badagry axis,  I sought for their support in combating smuggling and urged them to educate their subjects on the menace of smuggling and the need to support security operatives discharging their statutory duties.

It is gratifying to note that we are all on the same page on the need to improve on our relationship with a view to maximize the opportunities offered the proximity of the State to the border and develop trade in Lagos State.

In all the traditional palaces visited, the challenges facing the border communities were enumerated to include lack of Federal presence in terms of infrastructure and developments, unemployment of the youths and we received request for Nigeria Customs Service to specifically create quota for children of the border communities during its recruitment exercises to generate employment for their teeming youths. I have communicated their request and recommended same to the Management of the Nigeria Customs Service.

Let me at this interval, appreciate the collaborative efforts of other sister agencies in the fight against smuggling and appeal for their continuous support. It is important to note that activities embarked upon by the Command is a patriotic duty in the interest of national security and economic wellbeing of Nigeria. NCS operatives in observance of the rules of engagement will continue to carry out its legitimate duties as prescribed by the law.

In conclusion, we thank the CGC and management of Customs, officers and men of the Command, community leaders and partner government agencies who are showing concern and are collaborating with the Service for their continuous support. We also thank and appreciate the Press for being objective in reporting the challenges faced by Officers while executing their duty.

Thank you for your attention.

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